About Us

"Single Source Lower Cost Alternative Access Healthcare Delivery"

What We Do?

Medical Supply Line, is a privately held medical supply marketplace serving procurement, fulfillment and logistics for consumers, caregivers and medical professionals through the mass production of self-contained, custom built, modular designed specialty vehicles for the delivery of remote clinical care services.

Through these affordable specially built clinic vehicles, health systems, provider networks, physician clinics, home health agencies and licensed medical professionals now have the ability to extend their medical services to remote locations, pandemic lock downs, natural disasters or power outages in a matter of hours.

Our Vision

Before the global pandemic of Covid, no one knew how fragile the worlds medical supply lines were or that our family members, friends and patients could actually die from a lack of access to life saving medical equipment and supplies.

With Medical Supply Line’s remote medical delivery initiative health systems, medical and speciality clinics are better equipped to provide care for remote, rural and hard to reach patients.

Say goodby to over crowded lobbies, waiting or exam rooms and say hello to directly accessible and affordable patient care.

History of Beginning

Forty years ago consumers, doctors and medical professionals were unaware of the  benefits e-commerce could bring when expanding patient markets or that electronic marketplaces would displace retail stores and distribution channels.

But, while setting up and installing accounting, billing and supply chain systems for hospitals, nursing homes and physician clinics  the founder of Medical Supply Line recognized how proven technologies from automotive, grocery and mass-merchandising could actually benefit healthcare delivery.

In May of 2000, the first medical supply marketplace was launched and today this same technology is being utilized to launch the first remote medical initiative providing affordable healthcare accessible to everyone.