About Us

"Single Source Lower Cost Alternative For Consumers and Smaller Clinics"

About Us?

Medical Supply Line (MSL) is much more than an eCommerce company by providing direct wholesale pricing for some of the largest medical equipment and supply manufacturers in the World.

Our manufacturing sources provide the very same products all of the hospitals and health systems use and you can be sure you are getting the best prices available throughout the world.

Can’t seem to find the equipment are supplies you are looking for? No Worries! Contact our global sourcing services and we will find the products for you.

Our Vision

Before the global pandemic of Covid struck our family and friends, no one knew how fragile the worlds Medical Supply Chain was or that our family, friends and patients could actually die from a lack of access to life saving medicines medical equipment and supplies.

As Medical Supply Line plays this pivotal roll in the delivery of medicines, equipment and supplies from global manufacturers, consumers and smaller medical clinics now have direct access to the same great products the Worlds largest Hospitals have.

No longer are consumers and small clinics without access to the worlds life saving medicines, medical equipment or supplies.

History of Beginning

Forty years ago consumers, doctors and medical professionals were unaware of the  benefits eCommerce could bring when expanding consumer and patient  access to medical markets or that on-line marketplaces could displace high cost retail stores and distribution channels. 

While setting up and installing accounting, billing and supply chain systems for hospitals, nursing homes and physician clinics  the founder of Medical Supply Line recognized how proven supply chain in automotive, grocery and mass-merchandising could actually benefit healthcare delivery and access.

In May of 2000, the first medical supply marketplace was launched and today the same technology is helping launch Medical Supply Line as the first manufacture direct global supply chain initiative for consumers and small medical clinics.