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Express Free shipping portable Low frequency acupuncture therapy electric stimulation slimming machine


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Product Description

Product introduction:
1. using the principle of micro-current, effectively target the body parts, producing aerobic exercise.
2. with lymphatic drainage, slimming, and enhance the excretory function of the skin.
3. The instrument is durable and self-adhesive.
4. the operation is simple and convenient, the beauty salon and the family can be used evenly.

1. heat energy fat, ultra-micro current firming;
2. detoxification and slimming, promote blood circulation;
3. Body shaping and speeding up metabolism;
4.partial dressing, eliminate obesity fat.
5. low frequency two-way biological wave grease,
6.size patch for different parts to lose weight
7. can be used for two people’s whole body or ten people’s local weight loss body
8.far infrared physiotherapy (such as menstrual pain, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)

The principle of patch weight loss instrument:

Use biological waves to stimulate muscle tissue to produce contraction or stimulate acupuncture points, open meridians, smooth the body’s silt, stiff tissue, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism. The acupoints exist on the fourteen meridians of the whole body of qi and blood. If the right qi and blood can be properly circulated in the meridians, there will be no “over-acquisition” phenomenon, so the use of biological waves to give appropriate acupoints to stimulate acupoints will not cause metabolic delay. More can adjust the function of the viscera. The use of biological waves to stimulate the muscles produces a band-like fat, firm muscles that relax and sag.

Detailed Images

1.directed weight loss: waist, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks fat, where obesity is reduced, how much to reduce.

2. the body health: the combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern technology allows you to easily lose weight while mediating the body’s blood, and has a unique physiotherapy effect.

3. beauty effects: that is, effective weight loss, but also restore and maintain the original elasticity of the skin.

4. non-toxic and no side effects: the health science method makes you physically strong and energetic after losing weight. And to help treat diseases related to obesity, have a good effect on acne, chloasma, gynecological diseases and arthritis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases.

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