High Purity Oxygen Concentrator China Oxygen Gas Plant Top Quality Oxygen Filling System For Medical


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What Is Hydrogen?
1. Hydrogen is a chemical element, the first on the periodic table.
2. The usual elemental form of hydrogen is hydrogen gas.
3. It is a colorless, odorless, highly flammable gas composed of diatomic molecules, lightest gas.
4. The smallest, lightest, most, most harmless and most obvious antioxidant effect in the world.

Hydrogen has fast movement speed and strong penetration. After entering the human body, it is very easy to reach all parts of the body and the inside of tissues and cells. For example, hydrogen can reach the mitochondria and other fine structures in the cells, fundamentally adjusting the state of cells.

Is Hydrogen Safe?
1. The diver breathes hydrogen for diving
2. Official EU/US document – hydrogen is a food additive
3. Japan considers hydrogen inhalation a medical procedure

Brand Name
Model Number
Product name
Portable hydrogen inhalation machine
Core components
electrolytic cell
Inside water tank capacity
H2 purity
Aluminum alloy
H2 flowrate(gas output)
Product Features
1. Reduce oxidative damage
2. Anti-inflammatory
3. Reduce apoptosis
4. Remove malignant free radicals
5. Enhance immune function

For daily home use, 120-200 ml/min, 0.5-1 hour/day
Promote cell metabolism, comprehensively improve the immune system body health effect.
Relieve stress/fatigue. Alleviate aging, rejuvenate beauty.

For clinic/spa commercial use, 600-1000ml/min, 1-2 hours each time
Effective neutralization of free radicals in cells, improve obesity, emphysema adjuvant therapy, stroke Alzheimer Parkinson adjuvant therapy, treat neurological disorders and cerebrovascular diseases.

Company Profile
Suyzeko(Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co.,Ltd.) established in 2013. We are a professional red light therapy products manufacturer, located in Shenzhen, China. We have the ability to design and produce brand new physiotherapy equipments through our clients’ ideas, and successfully create new potential market requirements for them.

After 9 years rapid development, we have developed a series of light therapy products. Such as Infrared Light Pad, Laser Treatment Watch, Red Light Therapy Bed, Photobiomodulation Helmet, etc. According to the clients’ market, we can customize the specific appearance, wavelength combination, function, user interface to help clients differentiate and quickly occupy the market.

Our engineers have more than 20 years of optical experience, can provide one-stop phototherapy product design and solutions to satisfy clients’ ideas. We use professional testing equipment such as optical power meter, oscilloscope, thermometer, etc to test the product functions and parameters, and send testing videos to inform our clients about all the details.

Suyzeko have established complete production and quality control system We have ISO, CE, FC, RoHS, SGS, Medical Certificate, etc. We have offered 100 OEM models with high quality and good service to more than 40 countries and regions all over the world. We enjoy the good reputation among the industry. We always want long term sustainable development and get win-win with all our partners.

Welcome for visiting our factory!

1. Who are we?
China physiotherapy machines manufacturer, start from 2013,sell to Western Europe(70.00%),North America(20.00%),Eastern Europe(6.00%),South America(4.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3. What can you buy from us?
Red Light Therapy Bed,Infrared Helmet,Infrared LED Heating Pad,Wrist Laser Watch,Shock Wave Healing Device

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
we have been manufacturing since 2013, and we have more than 10 years experience in developing and researching laser therapy device are in best quality physiotherapy machine. and we have provide our goods to lots of trading company here

5. What services can we provide?
Brand new models OEM/ODM service, different payment terms and shipping way.

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