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Products Description
AC110 / 220V , 50~60 HZ
150 300 325 385 440W
370*240*360 MM
350*240*30 MM
Net Weight:
11.5 KG
Water Requirement:
Purified water , Distilled water.  tds less than 10
Hydrogen purity:
Output capacity:
300 600 1000 1200 1500ML Hydrogen-oxygen mix
SPE PEM ,Chemical precipitation technology
Electrode life

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Do you Know What is the Benefit of Hydrogen?
In studies, the benefits of molecular hydrogen inhalation have been shown to include…

√.Reduce inflammation and pain
√.Promote cellular health
√.Boosts internal antioxidant levels
√.Increase energy levels
√.Supports cognitive function and focus
√.Improve sleeping patterns
√.Enhance athletic performance and decrease recovery time
√.Decreases lactic acid levels
√.Supports mitochondrial ATP production and membrane potential
√.Protects against soft tissue and micro-injury
√.Reduces ROS-related overtraining and excess oxidative stress
√.Reduces TBI symptoms and protects against neurodegenerative changes
√.Converts free radicals to water for ultimate hydration
√.Improve cognitive function and focus
√.Have better skin health and tone
√.Support healthy weight management
√.Hydrate at the cellular level
√.Prevent hangovers


√.Hydrogen Gas Flow at 300 600 1000 1200 1500ML/min Hydrogen-oxygen mix
√.Hydrogen-oxygen mix
√.ORP: -500 mV ~ -800 mV
√.Dual use, inhaler and hydrogen water device
√.Generate 99.99% pure molecular hydrogen gas
√.Platinum Coated Titanium Electrodes SPE
√.PEM Membrane Technology
√.Built in Smart Sensor Technology for, TDS, Low water alarm, Machine Tilt
√.Make Hydrogen Water in minutes. Up to 1.4ppm
√.Lifespan of 6000 to 8000 hours
√.Three timing modes, 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour 5 hour 8 hour
√.Easy maintenance
√.Quiet function
√.Power Adapter will work with 115 and 220 volt
√.Uses only distilled water or pure water
√.CE certified
√.Great customer support

About CAWOLO HIM-22 H2Pro150 Mini Hydrogen Oxygen Inhalation Machine

The HIM-17 is a molecular hydrogen gas inhaler machine that can generate up to 150-1000ml/min of hydrogen gas. Weighing at only 11.5kg.

The HIM-17 can also be used to make hydrogen water Designed with the newest SPE/PEM electrolysis technology the hydrogen gas produced is 99.99% Pure & safe hydrogen without any other byproducts.

Uses PEM Dual Chamber Technology and does not use any water additives. This machine will not produce harmful gasses such as chlorine and ozone.

Dual feature makes hydrogen water in minutes.

How much hydrogen do you need?

When drinking hydrogen water, it’s helpful to look at the milligrams per liter to determine how much to ingest per day. Hydrogen gas inhalation works a little differently. To understand dosage you need to know the hydrogen gas flow rate and/or the hydrogen gas concentration percentage.

The flow rate will tell you how many milliliters of hydrogen gas are coming out of the product each minute. The faster the ml/min (milliliters per minute), the the faster the molecular hydrogen will saturate the blood and begin working in the body.

The current scientific literature recommends a minimum flow rate of 120-240 ml/min to receive therapeutic benefits from hydrogen gas treatment. At the normal resting breathing rate, studies have shown that hydrogen gas inhalation works best when the hydrogen is 2-4% volume by concentration.

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