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Company History

Medical Supply Line is a marketplace that delivers lower procurement and logistics costs. For more than a decade the founder of Medical Supply Line has provided guidance to US market leaders and congressional oversight committees in addition to developing technologies, strategies and solutions that many experts believe will save 40% of all dollars spent on healthcare equipment and medical related supplies. The Company's services and technologies combine applications, training and management as a single source lower cost alternative to the artificially inflated costs of middlemen claiming to be manufacturers.

What Makes Medical Supply Line Different is our aggressive pricing and service policies. As you search through our product catalogs you will find one of the lowest prices anywhere because our product prices are set by the actual manufacturers. This allows sellers (manufacturers) to set prices and buyers (consumers) to know exactly what they are paying for. Most sellers (manufacturers) offer additional discounts with larger orders and we do not offer free freight unless buyers meet minimum purchase requirements set by the individual manufacturers.

So, whether you are a patient or caregiver searching for a single item or a provider of a health system searching for a case, pallet or truckload; all of Medical Supply Line's customers benefit from the same but rare combination of efficiencies and simplicity.

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Medical Supply Line
605 South West US Highway 40
Blue Springs, Missouri 64014
Phone: +1.816.507.1328